David Stewart Lovegrove

Writer, Artist, Speaker, Researcher, Martial Artist
My current project is my YA (Young Adult) sci fi novel, Daruma, set in the near future. It is a wild and colourful adventure into cosplay, history, A.I., real friendship,human superpowers, cloning, humanoid robotics, ninja’s, kung fu and much more!
The gallery below showcases some of the artwork I have created for my novel Daruma, and the Daruma themed art I painted when Emirates Airlines commissioned me to be the focus of a launch event in Dubai, celebrating a new direct airline route Dubai to Tokyo.
My team and I painted three new Nissan Patrol SUV’s with my Daruma novel characters, and I also painted two large posters that were distributed in the thousands in Dubai and all around the United Arab Emirates.
The second poster in the gallery was specially printed in a limited edition of 1000, and was hand-signed by The Sheik of Dubai,
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
These posters were auctioned by the wealthy Emirati’s in aid of the construction of a new Children’s Hospital in Pakistan.